CoinHive Captcha
CoinHive Captcha

CoinHive Captcha is a captcha service that requires users' devices to solve a certain number of hashes in order to login or post a comment on a website. It is designed to be simple to integrate and adjustable by the website owner, allowing them to set the difficulty level for solving the hashes. CoinHive Captcha uses Monero cryptocurrency mining to solve the hashes, which provides an alternative way for websites to monetize their traffic instead of relying on traditional advertising methods. However, it has received criticism for using visitors' CPU resources without their consent and potentially slowing down their devices. As a result, many web browsers have taken steps to block or limit its use.

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6 Companies using CoinHive Captcha

Twin Picks Music Accessor..

-$33K - $47K$64K romania88%

38$33K - $11K$83K india21%
Le Grenier de la Mandoune..

1$3K - $30K$7K france75%
Electro Maylen

-$29K - $50K$63K belgium13%

1$43K - $45K$64K france27%

-$2K - $40K$75K argentina43%

Alternatives to CoinHive Captcha

Thera are a total of 8 alternatives available for CoinHive Captcha

How to use CoinHive Captcha

To use CoinHive Captcha in your website, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up and create an account on Coinhive captcha platform.
  2. After you have created an account, select the website on which you want to add captcha service.
  3. Then, you will get a Site Key, which is a unique identifier for your website.
  4. Add the Site Key to your website's HTML code where you want the captcha to appear. You can add it in the login or comment form of your website.
  5. Next, you will need to add Coinhive JavaScript library to your website. This will enable the hashing scripts to run on user devices when they try to log in or post a comment.
  6. Finally, configure the captcha settings as per your requirement. You can adjust the number of hashes that users need to solve before accessing your site.

It's important to note that using Coinhive captcha service on your website is not recommended due to its negative impact on user experience. Solving hashes can consume a lot of computational power on user devices, leading to longer loading times and battery drain. In addition, the service has been abused by malicious actors who have used it for cryptomining without user consent. Therefore, it's best to use alternative captcha services that do not compromise user experience or privacy.

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