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Catch Box is a responsive WordPress theme designed by Catch Themes. It has a clean and sleek appearance with a box-shaped layout that makes it lightweight and easy to use. The theme is optimized for mobile devices and can adjust its layout according to the screen size of the device. With Catch Box, users can customize the color scheme, font style, and other design elements using the WordPress Theme Customizer. This theme also supports custom menus, custom headers, featured images, and threaded comments. It is suitable for bloggers, small business owners, and individuals who want to create a professional-looking website without spending too much time on design and development. Overall, Catch Box is a simple yet elegant WordPress theme that provides a great user experience for both website creators and visitors.

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836 companies are currently using Catch Themes Catch Box


Eclettica s.r.l

eclettica è un’azienda sp..

9 Employees$1K - $34K$91K italy12%Export
Press Data Ltd

36 Employees$8K - $30K$93K united kingdom..21%Export
Magarpatta Township Devel..

the city that cares

80 Employees$17K - $6K$75K india74%Export
Law Office of Michelle D...

a dedicated team of attor..

3 Employees$12K - $32K$83K united states ..16%Export
lirio Resources, Inc.

live. work. play. learn

33 Employees$15K - $38K$55K united states ..32%Export
Samusocial International

ong de lutte contre la gr..

24 Employees$32K - $49K$75K france94%Export
StarsHR, Inc.

technology talent. deliv..

8 Employees$35K - $43K$82K united states ..4%Export
Laborde & Associates, PC ..

a cpa firm specializing i..

8 Employees$1K - $26K$98K united states ..99%Export
Maple - Performance Marke..

8 Employees$21K - $7K$64K israel16%Export
Excel Care

54 Employees$42K - $21K$87K canada87%Export

production phonographique..

4 Employees$10K - $27K$96K france31%Export
logo 216-475-9800..

most effective advertisin..

29 Employees$8K - $17K$65K united states ..16%Export
Posy - luxury florals

4 Employees$6K - $25K$95K united states ..69%Export

health it, digital health..

16 Employees$38K - $31K$92K greece80%Export

inspirerende cursussen vo..

4 Employees$10K - $16K$55K netherlands52%Export

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Using Catch Themes Catch Box for finding leads

The compilation of companies utilizing Catch Themes Catch Box presents a valuable asset to sales teams in search of new leads. These companies, characterized by their digital presence and need for a responsive WordPress theme, represent a dynamic cross-section of online businesses drawn to the simple, box-shaped, and clean aesthetic that Catch Box offers.

Given the popularity of WordPress as a CMS platform, sales teams from various sectors can identify prospective clients within this list. The companies using Catch Box indicate an ongoing concern for maintaining a responsive and visually appealing online presence, which opens numerous sales opportunities. Additionally, their choice of a lightweight theme suggests a potential interest in solutions that emphasize performance and ease of use.

Sales teams providing complementary services, such as website optimization, digital marketing, or content strategy, can find promising leads amongst these businesses, tailoring their sales tactics to emphasize how their offerings could further enhance the digital presence of these companies.

For teams providing web-development related products like plugins or addons, this list can prove essential. A company already investing in a premium responsive theme like Catch Box is likely to be interested in tools and services that further enhance their WordPress site's function and usability.

By examining this list of companies, sales teams can extrapolate valuable information regarding market trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes. It can help them conceptualize and design more effective targeted sales strategies.

In sum, the list of companies employing Catch Themes Catch Box can serve as a rich lead generation resource, offering a multitude of opportunities for sales teams targeting businesses that prioritize a strong and efficient web presence.

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