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Bold Themes is a collection of premium themes created for WordPress. These themes are designed to be both powerful and easy to use, providing users with a range of customization options to create unique websites. Bold Themes offers a variety of templates to suit different website types, such as eCommerce stores, blogs, portfolios, and corporate sites. These themes come with built-in features such as responsive design, SEO optimization, and compatibility with popular plugins. Bold Themes also provides regular updates and customer support to ensure that users have the best experience possible when using their products. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, Bold Themes makes it easy to create a professional-looking website with minimal effort.

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11,338 companies are currently using Bold Themes



catch is an industry led ..

61 Employees$45K - $46K$51K united kingdom..36%Export

unlocking the microbiome

36 Employees$19K - $9K$96K united states ..42%Export
AleSmith Brewing Company

brewing award-winning ale..

34 Employees$36K - $5K$95K united states ..66%Export
Ariel Partners

solving problems & enabli..

25 Employees$22K - $4K$84K united states ..3%Export
Verséa Health

verséa health - a transfo..

45 Employees$36K - $21K$59K united states ..21%Export
Alianza, Inc.

we connect people by powe..

390 Employees$41K - $41K$95K united states ..37%Export

enterprise tools empoweri..

21 Employees$12K - $27K$54K united states ..27%Export

secure edge compute and i..

12 Employees$28K - $49K$73K united states ..4%Export
TPA Global

transforming the world of..

64 Employees$36K - $24K$82K netherlands68%Export
GeekSoft Consulting

engaging, enabling, empow..

78 Employees$1K - $33K$86K netherlands72%Export

a qms as innovative as yo..

27 Employees$4K - $29K$83K united states ..71%Export
Warrier Electronics - WEF..

rest assured with us

11 Employees$19K - $13K$55K india94%Export
Asia Research Partners LL..

acurate solutions & insig..

149 Employees$27K - $3K$64K india89%Export
FOSSA Systems

global cost-effective sat..

23 Employees$45K - $38K$67K spain78%Export
ICD Group

a global merchant

16 Employees$15K - $34K$57K united states ..26%Export

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