Companies using Beans

Beans is a company that specializes in providing ecommerce loyalty programs. These programs are designed to reward customers for their repeat business and encourage them to continue shopping with the particular ecommerce platform. Beans offers a range of features and benefits through its loyalty programs, which can include points-based systems, tiered rewards, personalized offerings, and more. By implementing these programs, ecommerce businesses can increase customer engagement, retention, and lifetime value, ultimately leading to increased revenue and profitability. Beans provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help businesses manage and optimize their loyalty programs, including analytics, reporting, customer segmentation, and communication tools. Overall, Beans aims to help ecommerce businesses build stronger relationships with their customers by providing effective and customizable loyalty programs that drive long-term growth and success.

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102 companies are currently using Beans



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18 Employees$41K - $25K$57K united kingdom..78%Export
To'ak Chocolate

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15 Employees$25K - $21K$90K ecuador48%Export

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14 Employees$46K - $26K$84K united states ..70%Export
Unico Nutrition Inc.

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3 Employees$35K - $31K$84K united states ..60%Export

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25 Employees$3K - $38K$52K united kingdom..27%Export

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10 Employees$32K - $28K$90K united states ..12%Export
American Home Fitness

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23 Employees$24K - $7K$98K united states ..40%Export
CITY Boots

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14 Employees$3K - $42K$82K united states ..82%Export
CALI Strong Inc - The Cal..

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6 Employees$40K - $45K$59K united states ..78%Export
Loving Foods Ltd

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4 Employees$28K - $34K$53K united kingdom..86%Export
Especially Puglia

bringing local, sustainab..

9 Employees$35K - $1K$82K united states ..19%Export
Shazzy Fitness

4 Employees$3K - $37K$56K united states ..46%Export
BioBloom GmbH

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5 Employees$43K - $23K$89K austria89%Export
Mozzo Coffee

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18 Employees$33K - $4K$84K united kingdom..59%Export
BEERMKR Inc. (Techstars '..

craft beer. made easy.

5 Employees$46K - $21K$65K united states ..85%Export

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Using Beans for finding leads

This list comprises companies that utilize Beans, a renowned provider of ecommerce loyalty programs. As a focal point for businesses seeking to enhance customer retention and increase value, it serves as a potent marketplace for a wide variety of products and services, thus making it a valuable resource for targeting potential leads.

Equipped with details about these businesses, their sectors, locations, and sizes, the list allows sales teams to identify and focus their efforts on the most promising prospects. This curated information can give them an edge by providing insights into the businesses that already value and invest in ecommerce loyalty solutions.

Moreover, this list could be a time-saving resource. Instead of a broad, less targeted approach, sales teams can leverage this list, concentrating their efforts on organizations that have shown a proclivity for ecommerce and customer loyalty enhancement tools. This strategy significantly improves the chances of connecting with receptive and interested parties, making the process efficient and fruitful.

By understanding the kinds of companies that find the Beans platform constructive to their business growth, sales teams can customize their strategies and pitches, demonstrating how their services or products dovetail with a company’s existing commitment to customer retention and loyalty.

Lastly, the list can allow firms to keep an eye on industry trends, observing which sectors and types of companies are investing in loyalty programs. This can support their market research, enriching their understanding of the customer loyalty solutions market, and thus, helping them better position and sell their offerings.

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, having access to such a list of Beans-using companies promises to be an invaluable asset for discerning sales teams, helping them thrive in a competitive landscape where targeted, informed approach often makes the difference.

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