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Companies using Azure CDN

Azure CDN is a service provided by Microsoft Azure that helps to reduce load times, save bandwidth and improve responsiveness of web content. It works by caching and delivering static content from data centers around the world, which helps to minimize the distance between the user requesting the content and the server hosting it. This reduces latency and improves the overall experience for end-users.

Azure CDN can be used to deliver various types of web content such as images, videos, audio files, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML pages. It also provides features like SSL/TLS encryption, custom domain support, and integration with Azure services like Blob storage and Web Apps.

Azure CDN has multiple pricing tiers and allows users to pay based on their usage. It integrates with various Azure services and third-party tools to provide an easy-to-use, scalable and cost-effective solution for content delivery.

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4,525 companies are currently using Azure CDN


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Using Azure CDN for finding leads

The list of companies using Azure CDN represents valuable insights for sales teams. It's an aggregated collection of businesses that have recognized the advantages of Azure CDN's ability to reduce load times, save bandwidth, and increase responsiveness. These companies have shown an openness to implementing cutting-edge web technologies for performance improvement.

With this list, sales teams can identify potential leads that are technologically advanced and prioritize high-performance in their solutions. These businesses are likely to have sophisticated needs and a relentless drive for optimization, which they're fulfilling through Azure CDN. Sales teams can use this information to tailor their approaches, presenting products or services that complement Azure CDN or offer similar benefits.

Moreover, the list can be used as a framework for conducting competitor analysis. If the sales team's product or service caters to a similar use-case as Azure CDN, understanding what companies are already leveraging the technology could deliver valuable insights about potential gaps in the market.

In addition, the list of Azure CDN users provides an built-in segment of companies who might be interested in related or complementary technologies. By knowing which companies use Azure CDN, sales teams can better tactically position their own products or services that integrate with or enhance the Azure CDN experience.

In summary, the list of companies that use Azure CDN can be a powerful tool to help sales teams find leads, understand the competitive landscape, and effectively position their products or services.

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