AlternC is a software management tool designed specifically for Linux shared hosting. It offers a wide range of features including web hosting, email hosting, domain name management, and database administration. It is an open-source platform that allows users to install and manage multiple websites on a single server with ease. AlternC comes with a web-based user interface that makes it easy for users to manage their accounts and websites without requiring any technical expertise. It also provides advanced security features, such as automatic backups, spam filtering, and antivirus protection, to ensure the security and integrity of your data. Overall, AlternC is a powerful and flexible tool that simplifies the management of Linux shared hosting environments and provides users with a seamless hosting experience.

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10 Companies using AlternC

Régie des Transports de l..

Forbus, partout pour vous..

2$48K - $11K$70K france86%
Association HappyMada

HappyMada, c’est une ving..

-$48K - $13K$87K france20%

producteur d'émotions

4$27K - $13K$51K france60%
Equi Pellets

-$22K - $39K$50K france10%
Arlington Productions

Emotions producer

1$35K - $41K$83K -69%

1$12K - $4K$57K -18%

3$40K - $41K$462 france30%
Présence et Action Cultur..

19$19K - $34K$59K -13%
Mairie de COCHEREN

-$48K - $5K$92K -92%

108$24K - $26K$75K -86%

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How to use AlternC

AlternC is a set of software management tools that can be used to manage a shared hosting environment on Linux. It provides a web-based interface that allows you to easily manage your website and server resources. Here are the steps to use AlternC:

  1. Install AlternC on your Linux server using the installation instructions provided on their website.

  2. Once installed, log in to the web-based interface using your admin credentials. From here, you can create user accounts, manage domains, and configure various server settings.

  3. To create a new user account, go to the "Users" section and click "New User". Fill in the required fields, including username, password, and email address. You can also assign disk space, bandwidth, and other resource limits for each user.

  4. To add a domain, go to the "Domains" section and click "Add Domain". Enter the domain name and select the user account that it will belong to. You can also configure domain settings such as DNS records, email accounts, and website content.

  5. AlternC also includes various other tools for managing your server, such as a file manager, database manager, and backup manager. You can access these tools from the main dashboard or through the relevant sections in the interface.

Overall, AlternC provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing a shared hosting environment on Linux. Its web-based interface makes it easy to manage your server and website resources without needing to use the command line.

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