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Hashnode is a free developer blogging platform that helps developers to publish articles on their own domain and be part of a worldwide community of developers. It provides features like customizable themes, markdown editor, syntax highlighting, social sharing, and multiple integrations to different third-party services. Hashnode also allows users to create blogs focused on specific technologies or topics and enables them to import content from other platforms such as Medium, Dev.to, or Blogger. Additionally, Hashnode offers SEO optimization tools and analytics to track the performance of articles and identify trends in engagement. With Hashnode, developers can connect with other developers and build their personal brand by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

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164 companies are currently using Hashnode


Concerto Biosciences

it takes a village — of m..

30 Employees$5K - $8K$81K united states ..46%Export

our mission is to make fi..

110 Employees$42K - $16K$70K canada51%Export

leading tokenization saas..

31 Employees$8K - $11K$83K singapore61%Export

the easiest way to start ..

371 Employees$40K - $15K$67K united states ..68%Export

design | create | innovat..

33 Employees$41K - $7K$92K india31%Export
Next Insurance

Get going. Get Next.

713 Employees$37K - $42K$71K united states ..50%Export
Kensho Technologies

illuminating insights in ..

142 Employees$16K - $13K$54K united states ..69%Export

we create unique products..

38 Employees$3K - $26K$57K canada16%Export

spreading the fun of japa..

24 Employees$16K - $15K$58K indonesia1%Export

der verantwortung bewusst..

164 Employees$4K - $37K$80K germany42%Export
AP Intego (now NEXT)

38 Employees$6K - $2K$93K united states ..5%Export

connecting dots

116 Employees$32K - $35K$76K united states ..
Chiltern Railways

516 Employees$10K - $26K$98K united kingdom..88%Export
The Alt Investor

alternative thinking for ..

3 Employees$2K - $7K$66K india60%Export
Synthesis Networks

3 Employees$36K - $26K$87K united states ..18%Export

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Using Hashnode for finding leads

As an extensive developer blogging platform, Hashnode provides a unique opportunity for businesses aiming to connect with developers and tech industry professionals. By examining the list of companies using Hashnode, sales teams can gain valuable insights on businesses that value technological innovation and prioritize engaging with the developer community, enabling them to pitch their products or services more effectively.

Looking at these companies can highlight potential prospects that appreciate the importance of technology, knowledge sharing, and community engagement. It identifies businesses that actively seek to foster a learning environment and stay updated with cutting-edge tech trends. Recognizing these traits in a potential lead can inform sales strategies and allow teams to tailor their outreach. The list can act as a starting point for a targeted business strategy, creating a bridge between the product and its ideal audience.

A comprehensive list of companies using Hashnode could also shed light on industry trends and active sectors in the tech field. This understanding can help sales teams craft bespoke strategies and approaches particular to these industries. Presenting relevant solutions that are aligned with their tech-focus can significantly increase chances of lead conversion.

Furthermore, the list presents an avenue to learn about potential clients. A company's interaction with the Hashnode community, their content, and degree of involvement can reveal their core interests, focus areas, and how they value tech education. These insights can be invaluable in shaping a personalized lead approach, ensuring that the connections a sales team make are both meaningful and potentially fruitful.

For businesses offering tech solutions or developer-oriented products, this list could effectively serve as a roadmap to their target audience. Overall, the list of companies using Hashnode can act as an important tool to help sales teams in lead prospecting, industry trend analysis, and formulating custom outreach strategies.

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