Chabokan is a cloud services provider offering various cloud services such as Cloud Object Storage, DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service), BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service), and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). Cloud Object Storage allows users to store and retrieve large amounts of unstructured data in the cloud. DBaaS provides a managed database service, allowing users to store and access their data without worrying about infrastructure management. BaaS offers ready-to-use backend functionalities for building mobile and web applications, reducing development time and effort. PaaS provides a platform for developers to build, deploy, and manage applications without the need to worry about underlying infrastructure. Chabokan's integrated cloud services aim to provide businesses with scalable and flexible solutions for storing data, managing databases, building applications, and deploying services in the cloud.

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5 Companies using Chabokan

MIKA Corporation

mika corporation is a rea..

112$46K - $10K$54K iran, islamic ..9%
Aban Energy

cooling, electronics and ..

1$35K - $29K$99K iran, islamic ..29%
Duo Blocks

3$32K - $16K$84K iran, islamic ..64%
حسابداری ابری چرتکه

همیشه، همه جا، رو چرتکه ح..

10$44K - $18K$52K iran, islamic ..33%
چابکان | Chabokan

Cloud Services

1$23K - $17K$64K iran, islamic ..41%

How to use Chabokan

To use Chabokan, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up: Start by signing up for an account on the Chabokan website. Provide the necessary information and choose a plan that suits your needs.

  2. Access the Dashboard: After signing up, you will be directed to the Chabokan dashboard. This is where you can manage and access all of Chabokan's cloud services.

  3. Choose a Service: Depending on your requirements, select the specific cloud service you want to use from the available options such as Cloud Object Storage, DBaaS, BaaS, or PaaS. Each service has its own set of features and functionalities.

  4. Configure the Service: Once you have chosen a cloud service, you will need to configure it according to your preferences. This may include setting up storage buckets, creating databases, defining backup policies, or configuring application servers.

  5. Integrate into Your Application: To start using Chabokan's services in your application, you will need to integrate the relevant APIs or SDKs provided by Chabokan. These APIs and SDKs allow your application to interact with Chabokan's cloud services seamlessly.

  6. Access Control and Security: Chabokan offers various security measures to protect your data. Make sure to set up appropriate access controls, user roles, and permissions to ensure the security of your resources.

  7. Monitor and Manage: Chabokan provides monitoring and management tools to help you track the performance and usage of your cloud services. Utilize these tools to optimize your resources and identify any potential issues.

  8. Scale and Grow: As your application grows and demands increase, Chabokan allows you to easily scale your cloud resources. You can allocate additional storage, provision more database instances, or expand your application servers as needed.

  9. Billing and Cost Optimization: Keep an eye on your usage and billing information through the Chabokan dashboard. Optimize your resource allocation to minimize costs and ensure efficient utilization.

  10. Support and Documentation: If you encounter any issues or have questions, refer to Chabokan's documentation and support resources. Chabokan typically provides comprehensive documentation, FAQs, and forums to assist users with common queries.

Remember to familiarize yourself with Chabokan's terms of service, pricing structure, and other policies to ensure compliance and a smooth experience using their cloud services.

Please note that specific steps may vary depending on the chosen Chabokan service. It is recommended to refer to the official Chabokan documentation for detailed instructions related to your desired service.

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