Three steps to get started with Cara.

Here we help you to get your first sales meeting booked by Cara

Hi there 👋

Jan here, helping you to achieve sales success with Cara.

Once you complete the signup process at https://app.webtastic.ai/auth/signup follow these straightforward steps:

  • Create Your First Campaign: Begin by setting up your initial campaign. Share your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), your sales pitch, and your outreach preferences with Cara to get started.
  • Connect Your Email Account: Link your email account to allow Cara to send out the emails she crafts on your behalf.
  • Switch to Autopilot: Monitor the emails crafted by Cara. Once you review 20 of her emails, you have the option to activate the autopilot feature.

Watch my video tutorial for a detailed walkthrough of these steps.

Remember, I'm just a chat message away. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I'll make sure to respond as soon as I can. Happy selling!

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