Introducing AI Email Sequences to Increase Positive Replies with up to 30%

As a Sales or Go-to-Market leader, you understand the importance of outbound sales automation. Although Cara's initial icebreaker emails already achieve a positive response rate of 2-3%, sending follow-ups after these icebreakers were still manual and time-consuming.

We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing update to Cara: AI Follow-Up Email Sequences. This allows Cara, your AI Sales Agent, to send automated, contextual follow-up emails in addition to the initial icebreaker. Each email is meticulously tailored to the initial contact, making the follow-ups as strategic and personalized as the first interaction, thereby increasing the chances of converting initial interest into positive replies, meaningful dialogues and calls booked.

AI Email Sequences Screenshot

Our extensive testing reveals that campaigns using Cara's AI-driven follow-ups see reply rates up to 30% higher than those without follow-ups.

Start today by briefing Cara, a process that takes just 10 minutes at most.

For any questions or assistance with setup, feel free to contact us on Slack.

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