AI ventures

Recently Funded AI ventures: discover untapped opportunities

AI ventures lead the tech landscape with innovation, disruption, and investments. As a stakeholder, a list of recently funded AI ventures offers abundant opportunities. Let's explore leveraging this valuable resource. Let's delve into how you can leverage this valuable resource.


simplifying cross-border ..

10$30K - $5K$75K sweden61%
sliQue Robotics

the future of service ind..

9$49K - $15K$81K united states ..31%
Numpy Labs LLC

a premier aws cloud solut..

5$37K - $31K$69K united states ..2%
SeeSnap - See it. Snap it..

the visual smart photo & ..

10$8K - $14K$96K united states ..64%
The MindKind

human-like algorithmic ar..

5$31K - $30K$58K spain63%

play imers, the vr game w..

6$40K - $44K$64K united kingdom..88%

an early-stage fintech st..

5$21K - $29K$73K north macedoni..79%

intelligence of everythin..

8$39K - $31K$84K united states ..65%

smartphone ai tech for dr..

6$48K - $29K$79K united states ..89%
NuMind (YC S22)

llm-powered custom nlp

9$16K - $42K$95K united states ..70%
Sealution - Connectivity ..

welcome to a new era of m..

8$29K - $29K$88K belgium58%

relationship mentoring po..

6$35K - $41K$95K united states ..98%

you create, we do the res..

8$21K - $23K$90K united states ..83%
Phenomix Sciences

combating obesity with da..

9$10K - $2K$96K united states ..67%
Mithra-Ai Solutions

ai-enabled cognitive spen..

8$40K - $7K$90K netherlands42%

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Investment Opportunities

Investors seek the next big thing. A list of funded AI ventures guides potential investments. These ventures passed due diligence, showcasing their potential.

Partnerships and Collaborations

For businesses looking to integrate AI technologies into their operations, this list can be a goldmine. It showcases innovative partners with cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, enhances customer experience, and open new revenue streams.

Talent Acquisition

Finding the right talent is a crucial aspect of business growth. For companies in need of AI specialists, these ventures can be an excellent source of talent. Moreover, awareness of them helps shape a competitive compensation strategy to attract and retain top-notch AI talent.

Market Research

Understanding the direction of the AI industry can give businesses a competitive edge. This list provides insights into the current trends in AI, indicating which applications are attracting funding and are likely to shape the future of the industry.

Competitive Analysis

For AI companies, keeping tabs on the competition is essential. The list provides valuable information about competitors' strategies and offerings, helping businesses stay ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, a list of recently funded AI ventures is more than just names and numbers. It's a snapshot of the AI landscape, a guide to untapped opportunities, and a tool to stay on top of the game in this rapidly evolving sector.

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