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Outbound sales automation for small businesses

  • I search Linkedin, Apollo and 50+ sources to find leads
  • Then I ghostwrite personalized emails using ChatGPT
  • Next, I'll send them with your Gmail account

Helping hundreds of companies accelerate their revenue growth.

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Start working with Cara in three steps

Tell Cara about your business, your ideal customer profile, and your preferred communication style.
Work with Cara by reviewing the leads she finds and the outbound messaging she ghostwrites for you. Once you're on the same page, you can ask her to work autonomously.
Cara learns from every interaction, making your campaigns not only generate more meetings, but also the right ones, at scale.

The right message, to the right person,
at the right time, on autopilot

Cara automates your outreach process, from researching and identifying the right people, to ghostwriting the highest-converting 1:1 personalized outbound messages, sent at the right time.


Cara scans over 50 B2B data sources (eg. Apollo, Hunter, LinkedIn) to help you find ICP leads in buying mode.

Web-, Social- and B2B data
50+ B2B data sources
275M people

Next, Cara conducts detailed research on prospects she found for you and triple-verifies the contact details.

People & company research
Waterfall lead enrichment
Triple verified email addresses

Cara ghostwrites 1:1 hyper-personalized messages for each prospect and sends them at the time they are most likely to engage.

1:1 hyper personalized outreach
Messaging based on unique hook
Sends at the right time

Once trained and switched to autonomous mode, Cara consistently works 24/7, meeting the sales quota set by you.

Consistently meets sales quota
Works 24/7, autonomously
Focus on closing deals

All the data, consolidated in one place.

Data Aggregation.
Cara works with Webtastic AI Nexus, which autonomously indexes web data, social media, news, interviews, and podcasts, and integrates with over 50 B2B data providers, including LinkedIn, Apollo, and Google.
Single subscription.
With Cara accessing the precise data you need, there's no need for subscriptions to multiple costly data providers or worries about missing out on any other tools.
Data Sources

Hire Cara, Your AI Sales Agent

Cara's salary is tailored for businesses of all sizes, from freelancers and small, businesses to medium-sized enterprises with dedicated growth teams.

Get 2 months free with an annual plan


Mainly used by freelancers, consultants and recruiters.



Hire Cara

Secure payment by Stripe

  • 500 leads contacted per month
  • 500 mails sent per month
  • All core Cara features
  • Email Warmup (coming)
  • Chrome Extension
  • Connect 1 email account

Most Popular


Ideal for digital agencies, B2B SaaS, and small businesses.



Hire Cara

Secure payment by Stripe

  • 1,000 leads contacted per month
  • 1,000 mails sent per month
  • All core Cara features
  • Dedicated Support
  • Email Warmup (coming)
  • Chrome Extension
  • Connect 1 email account


Best suited for B2B SaaS scale-ups and SMEs.



Hire Cara

Secure payment by Stripe

  • 2,500 leads contacted per month
  • 2,500 mails sent per month
  • 1-1 Human Onboarding
  • All core Cara features
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Chrome Extension
  • Email Warmup (coming)
  • Connect 1 email account

“Cara generating your first two positive replies in under a day and with fewer than 40 emails sent. That comes down to a 5% positive reply rate, which is an impressive achievement and even hard to beat by a human SDR.”

Jorge Moreno

“With Wegozero we guide companies to become zero waste pioneers. Thanks to Cara's help, we connected with 4 companies in the first week alone. Truly amazing!”

Stefanie Behrendt

“Customer support at meetcara.ai is great. They go above and beyond and genuinely want to help in every way possible. Cara has evolved significantly since we started working with her because they listen to all customer feedback and implement requested features.”

Claire Allzeit
Lasal Studio

“Cara AI is one of my favorite AI tools! Many AI platforms are too generic, but Cara AI's learning model is exceptional. I greatly appreciate how natural and unique each email is.”

Sebastiaan Roebroek.

“Cara AI makes prospecting as easy as it gets, eliminating “psychological” barriers. It's a breeze to start with, and she has removed all my hurdles associated with outreach. The user experience is excellent and makes engaging in outbound sales fun!”

Andrew Laws

“With Cara, we generated our first three meetings in under one week. We were surprised at how Cara managed to generate all these meetings with minimal input and time from our side”

Ian Crafford.

“Honestly, I'm really pleased! The data Cara AI gathers on our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and the emails it crafts are outstanding. Our entire team, as a seed-stage startup, relies heavily on prospecting, and Cara AI has become an elegant and convenient solution for reaching out to new contacts.”

Pieter Boon

“Cara is like having a virtual sales rep. It's the all-in-one solution I've been seeking for a long time, a smart product that keeps getting better!”

Max Thilén.

“In summary, everything required for efficient outbounding is conveniently available in one place. I've discovered leads that I wouldn't have found otherwise. The quality of the AI-generated messaging is highly impressive.”

Felix Jo Austin-Walker

“Previously, as a sales leader, I was frustrated with automated messages that got no responses. Cara's AI technology has revolutionized this for me. With Cara, I can send personalized emails to high-quality leads that align perfectly with my value proposition.”

Robin Vander Heyden

“Truly impressive. Cara helped me send 200 emails, I received about 20 responses, and secure 2 meetings, of which one meeting was in-person. I've up. I highly recommend hiring Cara AI to automate your outbound sales!”

Arnd van der Meer